Season 82 Green Archers – Who’ll Make the Cut?

As of this writing (Friday, August 30), the final lineup of the Green Archers has not yet been announced. Those who attended the Pep Rally will probably have a better idea of who might be on the lineup, as the Archers will participate in the traditional seasonal kickoff.

Among those who were known to be in the running for the 16 slots in the lineup are:

  1. Baltazar
  2. Bartlett
  3. Bates
  4. Cagulangan
  5. Capacio
  6. Caracut
  7. Cu
  8. David
  9. Escandor
  10. Evans*
  11. Hill
  12. Laput*
  13. Lim
  14. Lojera
  15. Manuel
  16. Melecio
  17. Orme*
  18. Serrano

*Transferee with 1 year eligibility

We’re not discounting the possibility that a player not on this list might just sneak into the final lineup. We’ll know in a couple of days.

Here’s hoping that this Band of Archers will exhibit the Animo in all their games.

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